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Ramen is our passion


Cook in one pot– heat the broth,  pour into your bowl, boil the noodles for less than two minutes, add the cooked noodles to broth and slurp! Keep it simple or jazz it up with your own additional toppings. 


The kit will be good in the fridge for up to a week. They can also go into the freezer for your ramen emergencies! Simply thaw in the fridge or on the countertop before cooking. Stock up on each flavour :)


It's important to us to support our local growers, so we use their amazing produce in all of our broths and toppings as much as possible, including amazing Sterling Springs Chicken and Rogers Flours.

This bowl was yum! 

Great depth of flavour and the veggies held the broth beautifully.

Smelled amazing while cooking.

Didn't need to add extra veggies– it was just right.

Tanya– Soul Kit

All I had to do was add my own toppings. Their hand made noodles not only have an exquisite flavor and texture but they smell absolutely intoxicating. The broth/sauce is the perfect flavor and consistency that compliments any ingredients.

These kits are packaged and ready to go, not to mention insanely affordable.

Polya– Slurp Kit

I loved that the noodles didn't get soggy. I am Asian, I know noodles very well. Nobody wants soggy noodles.

The sauce is well seasoned. It is versatile and can go well with your choice of mixed ins and toppings. And yes, the cold noodles retained their "coldness". I really enjoyed it.

Nikki– Slurp Kit

Simple, Soulful Ramen

Need a perfect bowl of comfort food at home?

Want something simple, but restaurant-fancy to share with friends? Have a Ramen Party!

You could even take us camping!