The instructions below are for using just one pot, but you could also heat the broth in a small pot and use a larger pot for the noodles.


  • Pour the broth package into a medium pot over medium heat. *Tip– to get every bit of goodness out of that bag, warm it up in a container of hot water first. 
  • Bring to a simmer.


  • Add the tare (sauce) package to your serving bowl.
  • Add piping hot broth to the bowl and mix with the tare.


    • Add cold water to the pot– put a lid on and turn up to high. You want enough water for the noodles to roll around.
    • Once boiling, add noodles and gently separate with tongs. Set your timer for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Seriously that’s all they need! Swish around with tongs every now and then.
    • When the timer goes off, use tongs to drain and add the cooked noodles to the broth.


    Note for cold ramen kits: boil noodles for 3.5 minutes, then drain under cold water to cool them down before adding to your bowl,

    The kit will be good in the fridge for a week. After that, you can put it in the freezer to have on hand for a quick delicious meal. Simply thaw in the fridge or countertop before cooking.


    Much more–

    Check out our website for more detailed instructions and ways to jazz up your Ramen Kits with added toppings.

    Q: Can we get our order delivered?
    A: You can find us on Doordash or pick-up from the restaurant during the hours shown below. Our friends at J-DON Cafe  will be carrying our Ramen Soul Kits in Vernon, so please reach out to them for pickup out that way.

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    Q: Do we get a confirmation email when our order is ready for pickup?
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    Q: What do we need to pickup our order in store?
    A: Simply the name you used to place the order is fine. 


    Q: An item is marked out of stock. When will it be available?
    A: This is usually temporary and we will have items back in stock in a day or two. Please feel free to call us at 250–762–7788 to check on quantities.